If you are creating barcode using barcode fonts, you should already know that you can not just type your number and format with a font. Extra characters such as start/stop characters, and often times checksum characters are required to be present in the barcode.  Some formats such as Code 39 and Code25, are easy. But formats like Code 128 are quite difficult. To easy the difficulty creating barcode strings, Morovia provides source code, Windows DLLs and COM classes that you can integrate in your applications.

For an overview on these utilities, visit http://www.morovia.com/font/support/font-tool.asp.

Many people asked the question - do you have an example with PHP? It turns out that it is not difficult to do it in PHP at all. The following code creates a Code128 barcode string (which becomes a Code128 barcode after being formatted with Morovia Code128 font):

$encoder = new COM("cruflMorovia.Barcode");

$result = $encoder->Code128Ex(”PN-NUMBER-13334432″);

echo $result;

Note that the Prog ID of the encoder COM object is cruflMorovia.Barcode. You can write code for other barcode types. For example, for EAN-128 barcodes, just replace Code128Ex with EAN128Ex.