With Morovia Barcode ActiveX 3, it is easy to bulk generate barcode images. The following 10 lines of perl code just demonstrate how easy it is.

use Win32::OLE;
my $object = Win32::OLE->new(’Morovia.BarcodeActivex’, ”);
$object->{”Symbology”} = 8; #UPC-A symbology
$object->{”ShowComment”} = 0;

for(my $number=0; $number<=999; $number++)
my $text_number = sprintf(”%03d”, $number);
$object->{”message”} = “81058201″ . $text_number;

print(”exporting image $text_number.\n”);

$object->ExportImage($object->{”message”} . “.jpg”, 1);

my $result = `zip all-images.zip *.jpg`;

The code above generates UPC-A barcode images for numbers 81058201xxx where xxx is from 000 to 999. At the end, the code calls zip command to zip all the images files into zip.