Nowadays smart phones are cheap. Android powered phones are around 100 dollars. It is not surprising that majority people now have smart phones - those with touch screen and have far more power than their predecessors. This phenomenon brings business opportunities that you as a business owner want to tap.

QR Code Image

QR Code Image

So what is QR Code?

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can be scanned by smart phone’s camera. It is capable of encoding large amount of text; however most QR codes encode a few dozen characters. QR Code becomes increasingly popular because smart phones now have decoder programs that read the barcode and act on the content it reads.

So what is the big deal for that? It turns out that QR Code offers a convenient way to encode key information - such as your web site address, email and so on. A smart phone owner can capture the info to his phone by just scanning the QR Code.

You certainly want your web site gets more visits - but how? If you run a restaurant, you can print a QR Code at the bottom of receipt, or in news paper… people who are interest just scan the QR code and visit your web site.

Some more ideas:

1. QR Code on Business Card. There is a popular format called MECARD, which allows contact info to be encoded into a QR Code. A smart phone user scans the barcode and put your contact into his address book. Hey if you are in real estate agent, insurance broker or industry that you’d like everyone to remember you, QR Code is a must.

2. Product Label. If you are a manufacturer it is time to add a QR Code with your web site encoded on the product label. Customers who bought your stuff may scan the barcode and visit your web site. Even more, you can print something like - scan this QR code to get a 10% off coupon.

3. Promotions, Discounts and Coupons. The idea here is to get the user to visit your web site and receive the discount. If you just print a coupon barcode on the newspaper your web site won’t get visited. It is also easier to track users through your web site.

4. E-commerce. QR Code encodes a URL with extra parameters - and users can only see them when they scan the barcode. So you can easily offer different discounts to different audience.

QR code can encode many information: such as web site URL, E-mail address and contact info. This Morovia page lists the common usage in mobile industry. Even better, there is an online QR code generator that create QR codes for free.

If you are looking a solution to add QR Code to Word documents, we’d like to recommend Morovia’s excellent product QR Code Fonts & Encoder 5. With this word addin, creating a QRcode just takes two steps - highlight and convert; all can be done in 1 minute.